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“Our entire biological system, the brain, and the Earth itself works on the same frequencies.” Nikola Tesla

At ShaMynds we fully embrace the concept that we are Whole the physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit exist together in confluence. We believe you cannot treat the mind without addressing the whole person. This approach is reflected in our mission of  UTHRIVE.

We maintain a deep respect in your ability to discover your own inner healing intelligence. We seek to empower you with a deeper understanding of compassion and love for yourself. At ShaMynds you will experience the unfolding of your transformational experiences in a safe, welcoming, and fully supported environment.

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Ketamine therapy can help relax those who are constantly feeling anxious and overwhelmed by anxiety.

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Ketamine has a robust antidepressant effect and can quickly alleviate symptoms of severe depression.

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Ketamine therapy for OCD treatment can help give patients fast relief from their constant obsessions.

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Ketamine for PTSD treatment is helping many in dealing with the negative effects that PTSD can cause.

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Chronic Pain

Ketamine for chronic pain has proven to be efficient for those seeking fast relief from chronic pain.

ShaMynds Healing Center

Psychedelics, found in nature have long been overlooked for their healing powers. For centuries, indigenous healers have used the power of these medicinals to manifest healing of the body with inner intelligence and to expand states of consciousness.

We embed the concepts of “Holism” as it applies to medicine and beyond. Holism embodies the belief that any single part of a bodily system is inextricably connected to the whole and in order to understand each part you must consider the whole.

At ShaMynds, our mission is to combine the traditional healing arts with science to exalt the possibilities that exist within you and your consciousness.

Our Mission

At ShaMynds, our mission is to combine the traditional healing arts with science to exalt the possibilities that exist within you and your consciousness.

To Bring You Back:

  • Connection
  • Nature
  • A Sense of Sacred into Your Life

We use legal psychedelics and consciousness-based therapies to heal mynd – body – soul from its pain states.

Get to know more about our team and our approach at ShaMynds Healing Center. We provide the highest quality care in a supportive and healing environment.

Meet Our Team

Dr alya ahmad md shamynds ketamine psychotherapy
Dr Alya Ahmad MD, FAAP


Dr tasnim khan md shamynds ketamine psychotherapy
Dr Tasnim Khan MD


Danielle lebastchi nutritionist shamynds sacramento
Danielle Lebastchi

Clinic Director and LVN

Dr david smith md shamynds ketamine therapy
Dr David Smith MD

Consulting Psychiatrist / Addiction Medicine

Maura rodgers dietician shamynds healing center
Maura Rodgers

Clinical Nutritionist

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If you are a patient who is dealing with a treatment-resistant mood disorder or chronic pain condition, then you may be a good candidate for ketamine infusion therapy. Contact our experts today and request your free consultation or would like more information about how we can help you.

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