Open Position - Therapist

Careers & Job Openings at ShaMynds Healing Center



As a team of practitioners with a wide variety of backgrounds, we are committed to fostering a community of people who will collaborate to grow the field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in an ethical, responsible, and innovative.

We strive to be an ethical, holistic practice as we help people access their inner-healing intelligence through these sacred journeys.

Preferred Candidates Would Have The Below

  1. A background in psychotherapy with training and experience in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.
  2. Strong interest in and commitment to the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy and the community at large.
  3. A commitment and practice in trauma-informed therapy.
  4. Interest and ability in collaborating with a multidisciplinary team of providers.
  5. Knowledge and experience with equitable and inclusive therapy practices
  6. Personal experience with non-ordinary states of consciousness that contribute to their own personal practice of self-healing.

If you are interested, please send your resume to