How to get the Most of Your Ketamine Protocol

Sleep as Medicine Sleep as medicine, also known as ‘sleep ritual’ and ‘sleep hygiene,’ is a combination of healing practices to support deep, rejuvenating sleep and is given as an entire therapeutic protocol by healers and medical doctors alike. We can see the history of this protocol weaved throughout different cultures and modalities. Ayurvedic and […]

What is Vitalist Herbalism? 

The vitalist herbalist uses a combination of schools of medicine from Eclecticism (nature-based medicine), the Unani Tibb (Grecko-Arabic medicine), and clinical herbalism. Vitalist herbalism holds a principle that there is an innate life-force present in all living beings. It is this inherent life-force that gives the body it’s natural ability to heal itself. Life-force is sustained and […]

How Can Dreams Help You Heal?

At ShaMynds, we are dedicated to finding ways to help you heal through ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and many other modalities such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, and environmental/genetic resources. When it comes to sleep, it’s important to know that dreams can help you tap deeper into the oceans of inner wisdom. The inner wisdom that you acquire […]

Has Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Become Your Boss?

Have you ever had a very demanding boss— someone that you end up organizing your entire life and thinking to satisfy them? You are left powerless and constantly thinking about that boss. We see a similar situation in people with chronic insomnia. Sleep becomes their constant preoccupation. The more they think about it and try to satisfy it, the worse […]