The Effectiveness of Ketamine on Post-Partum Depression

The effectiveness of ketamine on post partum depression

By Dr Tasnim Khan, Co-Founder, ShaMynds Healing Center This blog is a first-person story of a woman who struggled deeply with the isolation of postpartum depression and how she overcame her condition with the help of ketamine assisted psychotherapy. My name is Sarah. I always dreamt of becoming a mother. When my baby girl, Emily, […]

What’s The Difference Between The Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression?

Whats the difference between the baby blues postpartum depression

The baby blues – a complicated mixture of emotions like sadness and emptiness – are a standard hormonal response to pregnancy. if these feelings are more impactful and last longer, you might find yourself wondering if you’re really suffering from postpartum depression. What is the difference? Continue reading to learn more.

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