How Ketamine Acts on Your Brain Waves

How Ketamine Acts on Your Brain Waves

There has been some interesting work in the past few years that actually help explain how the healing effects of ketamine work in the brainThese studies have included measuring actual brain activity in the forms of different waves in the brain. Brainwave activity on an EEG are measured in different waves. Lets learn a little about these brain waves, what they mean and how does ketamine exert its effects on brain waves to improve mental health.

Delta Brain Waves

Your brain produces delta waves when you are completely relaxed in deep sleep. Delta waves are essential for your body to heal and restore during sleep. These are the slowest brain waves and range from 1 to 4 Hertz.

Theta Brain Waves

Theta waves, are produced when you’re sleeping or daydreaming when awake. These waves are associated with relaxation and low alertness. They occur when you’re lost in thought, meditative, drowsy, or sleepy. They range from 4 to 8 Hertz. 

Alpha Brain Waves

Alpha waves are produced when you’re awake but your mind is in a resting state. They are associated with being calm and alert. They can help you during activities that require learning and coordinating.  They fall right in the middle of the brain wave spectrum, ranging from 8 to 12 Hertz.

Beta Brain Waves

Beta waves are produced throughout your daily activities. It occurs when you’re awake, alert, busy, and focu

sed. These waves range from 12 to 38 Hertz and can be divided into the following subtypes:

  • Low beta waves. These range from 12 to 15 Hertz and occur when you’re thinking.
  • Beta waves. These range from 15 to 22 Hertz and occur when you’re performing activities or focusing on something.
  • High beta waves. These range from 22 to 38 Hertz. They occur when you’re excited or anxious. They also occur when you experience something new or have complex thoughts. 

Gamma Brain Waves

Gamma waves are the fastest brain waves. For the most part, these types of waves were largely ignored or poorly understood. They were thought to be ‘spare brain noise’ until researchers discovered gamma waves are highly active in states of universal love, altruism, higher virtues, happiness and concentration.  SO…WHAT IS THE EXCITING NEWS???

Recent studies show that Ketamine exerts its major effects on inducing MORE GAMMA brain wave activity and mostly suppress all the other brain waves. This permits ego transcendence, feels of calm, peace and harmony — sometimes, all while experiencing symbols, visuals, messaging that can help transcend and create new ways of thinking and connections.

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