Integrative Medicine for Thyroid: The Importance of Selenium in Thyroid Function

Integrative Medicine for Thyroid: The Importance of Selenium in Thyroid Function

This particular blog is an important one to myself as I recently discovered that my specialized lab testing showed I was deficient in a few important vitamins, minerals and elements— selenium included. Now, I have thyroid disease, so this finding really stuck out to me. I went on to do some research and am sharing that with you.

The Role of Thyroid Glands

So, as you may know, our thyroid glands play a vital role in energy metabolism and the physiology of many functions within the human body. The thyroid gland is particularly sensitive to to oxidative stress because due to the the process of making the vital thyroid hormones that regulate many processes in the body. Research indicates that certain nutrients including selenium may support balanced thyroid hormone levels and thyroid tissue function, the body’s response to oxidative stress.

The thyroid gland actually contained the most amount of selenium of any organ in the human body. Selenium is an essential trace mineral that has been shown to support antioxidant status and thyroid function. It is required for the functioning of thyroid hormones at the cellular level, and it has been shown in studies to influence certain biomarkers related to thyroid and immune health.

What Does Selenium in Our Body

Selenium is incorporated into the thyroid gland as selenoproteins. These support the removal of reactive oxygen species that can damage the thyroid gland. 

Selenium is also critical to the metabolism and conversion of thyroid hormones from one type of hormone to the more active type of hormone.  Selenium may also support a normal immune response; it has been shown to modulate the production of cytokines or immune factors that are associated with the thyroid glads autoimmunity. 

Selenomethionine is a form of selenium typically found in vegetable sources that has been shown to have the highest bioavailability or absorption into the human body and lowest potential for toxicity when compared with other selenium analogs. In fact, some research demonstrates that Selenomethionine can actually decrease autoimmune thyroiditis or Hashimotos disease. 

Some clinical studies have explored the efficacy of selenomethionine in the presence of autoimmune thyroiditis. One study investigated the efficacy of selenomethionine supplementation in 88 women with autoimmune thyroiditis for 9 months. In the treatment group, patients received 200 ug of selenomethionine daily. Serum concentrations of anti-thyroperoxidase (TPOAb) were shown to decrease by 26.6% after 3 months of treatment. A similar study reported significant reductions in TPOAb, another type of thyroid antibody,in patients receiving selenium supplementation for 6 months.Selenium is a trace element that may have relevance to thyroid health. It has been shown in studies to support the body’s response to oxidative stress and healthy thyroid hormone balance.

ShaMynds: Integrative Medicine in Sacramento

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By Dr Tasnim Khan of ShaMynds Healing Center.

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