Our Mission & Values

The way of the Shaman or traditional healer is to help you discover your magical spectrum of infinite possibilities, buried truths, alternative consciousness, and spiritual revival.

What is Sha-Mynd?

Therapist guiding patient

We often get asked about the meaning of ShaMynds- the name of our center. This is a combination of two words- Shaman and Mind. We believe that through your healing journey, during your time with us and after, you will be able to continue to do the work of acquiring a healer’s (Shaman) mindset.

What does that mean?- Starting with one of the most important and often lost- learning to love yourself; to think clearly; to step into the light of your own wellness, prosperity, and love; and to feel the inner satisfaction of these attainments to such a degree that your inevitable response is to give yourself back to yourself and to the world.

Imagine yourself so well, so full, and so supported, that you can’t help but want to spread your good fortune around with others In every given moment during your ShaMynds you experience the glorious opportunity to release your self-limiting stories, learn to live from your true nature and become the highest and brightest expression of yourself.

Therapist guiding patient

Our Mission

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Our Mission

Psychedelics, found in nature have long been overlooked for their healing powers. For centuries, indigenous healers have used the power of these medicinals to manifest healing of the body with inner intelligence and to expand states of consciousness.

We embed the concepts of “Holism” as it applies to medicine and beyond. Holism embodies the belief that any single part of a bodily system is inextricably connected to the whole and in order to understand each part you must consider the whole.

At ShaMynds, our mission is to combine the traditional healing arts with science to exalt the possibilities that exist within you and your consciousness.

Get Back To Being You

Get back to being you

We use legal psychedelics, and consciousness-based therapies to heal body-mind-soul from its pain states. We are also committed to increasing access to these therapies for those that cannot sustain the cost of therapy.

If you would like to support our mission of making healing with psychedelic medicine affordable to all, please donate.

Get back to being you

Our Values



Unity with All

All people are welcome. We are all connected and no person of any race, ethnicity, income, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, size, or ability is excluded from this sacred space.

Root cause

Treat the Root Cause

Treat the root causes and symptoms of your health concerns. Treat with guidance, empathy, and prevention to promote your long-term well-being.

Ancient sacrament

Honor Ancient Sacraments

Honor the Healing Powers of Ancient and Sacred medicines to awaken and connect the mind, body, spirit, and community.

Radical listening

Radical Listening

“Radical Listening”. We listen and hold space with you with empathy, depth, and compassion in your journey.

Inner wisdom

Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom within you and the medicine that guides your mental flow state. Imagine yourself so well, so full, and so supported that you can’t help but spread your good fortune to others.

Village needed

Village We Need

It takes a village to aspire to your most authentic and higher potential. We work not just with you but with your practitioners, community, your support, environment, and nature. We are your team.

Empower yourself

Empower You

To Empower you while also understanding your barriers and obstacles that are holding you back from your authentic and thriving self. Become the highest and brightest expression of yourself.

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