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This ShaMynds Team is Your Team

We come together as a unified force— passionate and dedicated to empower and guide as you navigate your journey to move into an enlightened state of being.

All of us have years of experience in traditional models of care. We recognize that these models are failing so many. We also recognize that optimal states of mind, spirit and wellbeing are much more achievable and sustainable when traditional models are deeply integrated with ‘non-traditional- models.

Each one of us have come to ShaMynds from different walks of life, different perspectives, unique experiences and varied training and education. This collective experience and passion adds richness to your experience with us on your healing journey. Click below and get to know each one of us and our stories.

Dr alya ahmad md shamynds ketamine psychotherapy
Dr Alya Ahmad, MD, FAAP


My past is my story. My future is a possibility. The only thing that is real is my present. To be truly present with whatever comes before me.

I am a physician, mother, professor, educator, researcher, and learner (for life). My journey as a healer and medical doctor is focused on treating the most needful populations. I witness the effects of complexity and social disparate conditions has on illness in the US and even while practicing medicine overseas.

I realize our health care system even with its “technological” advances has great barriers to true healing. People’s health is more digitized and dehumanized than it has ever been.

Yet throughout my medical career, I continue to pursue better ways to help children and families in their most needful states. My career as Clinical faculty at Baylor College of Medicine to Univ. of California, San Francisco, ranges in implementing and teaching better ways to caring for children and their families. I founded programs for children with special needs, Down syndrome, obesity, complex care consultations services, and narrative medicine, only to emphasize “whole” person care. More importantly, it is a provider’s presence and connection that is mandated to help people in their struggle.

I am galvanized to prove, be it by academic pursuits or the art of medicine to demonstrate thriving health can be achieved, holistically. I harness the methodologies of my master’s training in Narrative Medicine from Columbia Univ. to teach caring with compassionate-based inquiry to illness and peoples’ lives.

With Narrative Medicine, the arts and creative explorations are the fountainhead to connect to people in their illness, community, and social constructs.

Even greater means to healing, naturally and holistically are possible with integrative and psychedelic medicines and therapies. I have obtained accreditation and certification in psychedelic assisted therapies, Ketamine therapy and fellowship trained in Integrative psychiatry from IPI, (Integrative Psychiatry Institute). I aspire to enrich my learning and practice from the Guru’s in the field of psychedelic medicines and integrative medicine.
My mantra is healing the self and others with empathy and with the respectful fusion of self-wisdom, ancient, and novel therapies.

Dr tasnim khan md shamynds ketamine psychotherapy
Dr Tasnim Khan, MD, MSC


I feel immensely privileged to be a physician. I value how patients generously open their hearts, their lives and entrust me with their health and vitality.

This is what I love and cherish most as a doctor-that portal of entry based on trust, truth and unwavering compassion. However, my 27 years of experience in healthcare in the US and abroad has taught me that the current modes of care and our ecosystem are fragmented and limit the possibilities of individual or population level change in outcomes. Mental health conditions are plaguing the world at an alarming rate of rise. This propagates widening gaps in health inequities, a parallel pandemic of mental health crisis and poor health outcomes. I have witnessed the continued breakdown of a healthcare system that once commanded world respect and now is unable to meet the capacity of our needs. In the last few years, I have had the fortune to experience alternative approaches to healing— based on being compassionate, scientifically backed although, still not well understood or respected and difficult for patients to access easily. At ShaMynds, we want to change that. I commit my practice to ‘Holism’— seeing the parts and how they interrelate and their importance to the whole state- a practice embedded within a scientific and safe approach.

I am on a quest to continue to keep my mind open, learn and heal. I respect science, I respect my patients, I respect change and I respect innovation and the sacred sciences.

I attended medical school and residency training at the University of Texas in Houston and became a Family Physician- a specialty that appealed to me because it embodies a whole person family centered approach of care. I was fortunate to work with many passionate and selfless mentors then and throughout my career. I also migrated into the administrative realm of medicine, becoming a career health care executive with the goals of improving care at the individual and population level. From 2009 -2011 I attended Harvard University’s Masters of Science in Health Care Management program with a strong focus on policy and reducing disparities in health. I have received training in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Ketamine Assisted Therapy from the Institute of Integrative Psychiatry.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.

Dr david smith md shamynds ketamine therapy
Dr David Smith, MD

Psychiatrist / Addiction Medicine

Dr Smith is a UCLA trained California native with over 40 years of experience in psychiatry and addiction psychiatry in the US and Canada. He has spearheaded the initiation of ketamine in a local clinic for treatment of resistant depression.

David is eager to assist in complimenting the unique services of ShaMynds as our consulting Psychiatrist.

Medical Degree David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Residency San Jose Medical Center
Stanford University Hospital

University of Auckland, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science Center
University of California-Davis
Sutter Hospital

Jessica Julian, LMFT


“Psychology” is “psyche”+”soul” in Latin or “the study of the soul”. As a depth oriented psychotherapist specializing in trauma, I feel therapy is a collaborative, relational and soul centered experience that empowers the client as the expert of themselves and their innate capacity to heal and evolve. Being a yoga and meditation teacher since 2000 helps me to bring a wholeistic approach to therapy that integrates the development and embodiment of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Some of my formal trainings include a Masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, Ca., EMDR certification through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness, and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Certification through Integrative Psychiatry Institute.

But beyond any training, my best clinical tool is each patients own healing system and It’s always such a deep honor and privilege to witness an individuals courageous and beautiful journey of healing and becoming more whole.

Kristen boyd therapist shamynds
Kirsten Boyd, AFMT


I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who holds a clinical M.A. degree in Somatic Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies.

‘Somatic psychotherapy’ is an umbrella term used to describe a cluster of theories and techniques that include bodily explorations of the felt sense as a primary means for healing. But the process of locating what stories live inside of our bodies can be overwhelming at times, especially when we encounter uncomfortable, dysregulating sensations or memories. If we mis-attune and push for too much, too fast, too soon, we run the risk of re-traumatization. It is only when we feel safe enough and resourced enough that the exploration may commence.

The trauma-informed lens through which I work provides support and stabilization for your nervous system through a process of titration, gentle introspective inquiry, and co-regulation. I believe that through the body, we can understand the subtleties of how to relate, when to relate, how to boundary, how to connect, what helps and what hurts, and that the soma (body) and the psyche (soul/mind/spirit) are inextricably entwined.

My personal journey with psychedelic medicines spans over 17 years. I understand that navigating altered states requires courage, vulnerability, and surrender and that the very foundation of this exploratory work is trust. I honor your resilience and seek to empower you with tools of embodiment that offer lasting benefits in your life.

Amanda rebel therapist shamynds sacramento
Amanda Rebel, LMFT


I hold an M.A. in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Expressive Arts Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies, graduating in 2011.

I completed a 500+HR yoga teacher training, taught by Ana Forrest. I have facilitated individual and group work since 2001 and currently weave trauma informed yoga into therapy sessions. In 2005, while living in SE Asia, I entered a monastery to continue my studies of Theravada meditation practices and utilize mindfulness-based practices with clients. I approach therapeutic work in an integrative way—working from the ‘neck up’ using cognitive and behavioral frameworks, while also exploring the ‘neck down’– contemplating how the body affects the mind. I am committed to supporting you through your courageous trek into the terrain of healing, growth, and change. Metaphorically and literally, expeditions into unfamiliar lands often include elements of being and doing. The focused preparation, the letting go into unknowns, the being with fear and lack of control, the finding of unexpected joys and wonder, and the continuing through–even when it feels almost impossible to do so—can be your launchpad to creating lasting change. Important too is finding a guide you trust and feel comfortable with—who has tools, supplies, experience, and training. I value providing a non-judgmental space where you can feel safe enough to open into what can feel uncomfortable or scary. My own growth through personal life struggles is what helps me relate so deeply with clients. Although my journey may not look like yours, know that I’ve been there. I am informed by the wide breadth of client experiences I have encountered; including depression, anxiety, trauma, mood challenges, addiction, grief, loss and high sensitivity.

Lauren anderson, lvn
Lauren Anderson, LVN

Since graduating vocational nursing school in 2018, my career as a nurse has been a challenging, yet extremely rewarding, experience. My time working in a mental health/addiction rehab facility in Malibu and then moving to an outpatient surgery and oncology center in northern California, has allowed me to learn so much about nursing and about myself; more than I could have ever imagined.

One of my favorite things about being a nurse is the relationship I build with my patients. Being a part of their journey/transformation in life is an honor that I cherish every day. My favorite parts from each position I’ve held, including support for mental health, direct patient care, and administrative responsibilities, have led me to current employment with ShaMynds. My capacity for empathetic, compassionate, and accepting behavior toward others made it clear to me that I want to improve the lives of those who want or need support.

Outside of my career as a nurse, I enjoy making macrame plant hangers, crocheting, acrylic painting, interior designing, and taking care of the jungle of plants in my house. I also enjoy spending time with my 2 kitties Callie and Kiki, going to the farmers market with friends, and visiting my family/hometown in Southern California.

I feel very honored to be a part of such a heart-forward practice like ShaMynds. I look forward to growing with this center as well as growing in my career and spirituality.

Cindee beermann business dev
Cindee Beermann

Business Development Lead & Community Liaison

Business development and community liaison are the perfect roles for me. I am a connector, as described by Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point. I put people together, which is especially rewarding when I can work with innovative women in an integrated, caring, and healing environment.

After living abroad for 27 years, ShaMynds is the perfect place to land. Dr Khan, Dr Ahmad and I have known each other since we all worked together 16 years ago in Dubai. They continue to amaze me with their genuine kind and heartfelt treatment of people. It’s sounds cliché but I feel blessed to work in this team of healers who help others to make positive transformations.

While I am fortunate to have worked in pharma sales and healthcare marketing for most of my career, this work is by far the most professionally and personally rewarding.

Img 2796
Michelle Mattingly

Community Integration Coach

My path in the realms of health and wellness has been a mirror for life – rarely linear, progress and setbacks spiraling round and round, a constant dance embracing both resistance and growth. In 2020 I discovered the term “integration”. Not fully comprehending but trusting an inner knowing that it held a key to lasting positive change, I completed a 30-level training to become a Certified Transformational and Integration Coach. Through this training and the integration of my own healing experiences the doors of awareness that had always been closed to me opened. I came to fully understand and embody life as an ARC OF INTEGRATION, an absolutely necessary process in finding the joy and awe in the process of living. Always moving, pulsing, retracting, expanding – INTEGRATION is the dance between the psychedelic journey and daily life, the reflective light and the shadow that refracts and illuminates next steps and brings new challenges to the surface to be met with curiosity and reverence. Through this process my drive and commitment to help others in kind was born. I am so honored to bring my experience and tools of integration to help you deepen your healing processes utilizing the many tools of Transformational Integration Coaching. I currently offer 1:1 virtual pre-journey prep sessions, facilitate group virtual introductions, and offer ongoing virtual after-journey integration sessions in both 1:1 and group settings.

Maura Rodgers, RD, CHC

Registered Dietitian and Integrative Health Coach

As a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Health Coach I’ve spent the last ten years coaching and empowering individuals to achieve healthier, more vibrant lives through a science-based, integrative, whole-body approach. I specialize in mindful and intuitive eating, digestive health, sustainable weight loss, and chronic disease prevention/management.

I started my career working for leading digital health companies such as Omada & Vida Health and most recently worked as Facebook’s onsite Nutritionist in Menlo Park, CA until I decided last year to launch my private practice full time. In my free time I enjoy cooking, traveling, or exploring the outdoors with my husband and toddler (with baby #2 on the way!).

Chief Comfort Officers

Coco the dog
Corona Beermann, AKA Coco, a street dog (breed Desert Dog), from Dubai, living her best life in Sac, CA now. Found as a two-month-old pup on the street, April 2, 2020, as we started Covid lockdown, this dog did not bring calm to our house, but rather chaos, and she made us laugh and kept us entertained at a very stressful time. She’s part Saluki and 100% support ball of fluff.

This little smiley face Blue Nose Pitbull is Pyari (which means “beautiful” or “one who is full of love” in Urdu and Hindi). She was rescued from Bradshaw Animal Shelter in Sacramento in January 2022. Pyari travels around the world now with her human companion, but always loves coming back to ShaMynds when in Sacramento.

Lola 1

My name is Lola, daughter of nurse Lauren. I am a 9 week old frenchie puppy filled with love and a whole lot of sass! I enjoy spending weekdays playing at Nana’s house while my mommy works, chasing around my feline sisters and uncles, wrestling and sassing my daddy, and most of all, CUDDLES! My talent is winning human hearts by giving them forever eyes with my big beautiful blue eyes.

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