Integrative Health

Psychotherapy Service Sacramento CA
Integrative Health Initial Consultation with Physician (1 hr.) $400
Integrative Health Follow Up with Physician (45 min) $275
Pediatric Integrative Health Consultation with Physician (1 hr.) $400

*plus 2.9% processing fee for credit card payment


Child and Adolescent Behavior Consultation
Therapy Session for New Clients and Integrations (50 min) $250
Therapy Session for Established Clients (45 min) $175
For sliding scale $150

*plus 2.9% processing fee for credit card payment

Consultation Psychiatry

with Dr. David Smith

Child and Adolescent Behavior Consultation
Psychiatry Consultation with Dr. Smith (1 hr.) $400
Psychiatry Follow up with Dr. Smith (30 min) $200

*plus 2.9% processing fee for credit card payment


with Maura Rogers

Nutraceuticals Shop Sacramento
Nutritional Consultation with Dietician (1 hr) $150
Nutritional Follow up Consultation with Dietician (45 min) $125

*plus 2.9% processing fee for credit card payment

Herbalism, Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work & Aromatherapy with Jaya Crowley

Retreats Holistic Services
Medical Herbalism Initial Consultation (45 min) $120
Medical Herbalism Follow Up (30 min) $50
Yoga Class (1 hr)  *per class $15
Breath-work and Meditation Class (1 hr)  *per class $20
Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Consultation (45 min) $50

*plus 2.9% processing fee for credit card payment

Packages for Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT)

The Meta-Mynd

Ketamine Assisted Therapy Package

Ketamine Assisted Therapy Package
6 Session Package Rate (15 Therapy and Medical Visits) $5,650

This includes:

1. Physician Medical/Integrative Health Intake (1 hr) $400
2. Therapy Initial Intake (1 hr) $250
3. Ketamine Flight Preparation Session & Integrative Health $200
4. 6 Guided Ketamine Journeys (2-2.5 hrs each)  each $525
5. 6 Individual Therapy Integration Sessions (50min each)  each $250
6. 1 Revival Session with Physician after treatment (30 mins) $150
7. Complimentary Journey Offerings (includes aromatherapy, bag, journal, mask, literature and one yoga session)  **complimentary  

*plus 2.9% processing fee for credit card payment

Sliding Scale

Ketamine Assisted Therapy Package

The sliding scale is offered based on need and financial basis. The scale is for patients who can’t afford care to begin with and makes our services available to those with lower income and self-payers. Feel free to contact us for more details.

How do I pay for Ketamine Therapy?


We work with HelloWalnut payment plans. HelloWalnut provides ethical financing to support your healing journey., phone number: 844-606-0999

Amani (Love) Group Session

Group Ketamine Assisted Therapy Package

Group Ketamine Therapy Package
6 Session Package Rate $3,300

This includes:

1. Individual Medical Intake & Consultation with Physician (1 hr) $400
2. Individual Therapy Initial Intake (30 min) $250
3. Ketamine Preparation Session & Integrative Health $200
4. 6 Guided Ketamine Journeys with Group Integration (3 hrs each) $2,650

*plus 2.9% processing fee for credit card payment

Booster KAT with Group Therapy

Established Client Group Booster Journey


Rate $350

This includes:

1 Guided Ketamine Journey with Group Integration (3 hrs)

*plus 2.9% processing fee for credit card payment

Individual Ketamine Assisted Therapy Sessions

In-person and remote sessions also available. Call us on 916 956 3330 for more info.

IV Nutrition

Intravenous Nutrition or Anti-Aging Therapy Sacramento

IV Nutraceuticals: Glutathione, NAD, B-Complex, Tri-Immune Boost, Mineral Blend, Amino Blend, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin D3, Lipostat Plus & SF , MICC, Lipo-Mino Mix, Biotin, Vita-Complex

Shiffa Package of 6 Ketamine Sessions Individual

Ketamine Assisted Therapy Package

KAP Ketamine Assisted Psychoherapy
6 Session Package Rate $3,000

This includes:

1. Individual Medical Intake & Consultation with Physician (1 hr) $400
2. Ketamine Preparation Session & Integrative Health (1 hr) $200
3. Individual Ketamine Booster $450

*plus 2.9% processing fee for credit card payment

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Veterans Treatment Solutions

VETS is committed to ensuring maximum potential for success for veterans seeking transformative, holistic health solutions. Expert-led preparation and integration are key to setting the intentions which lead to meaningful changes after treatment.

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Group Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Wednesdays 3 - 6 pm

Accepting New Clients

Ketamine & IV Therapy Articles

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Just Breathe: Complimentary Breathing Session with Alex King-Harris

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After a decline in the 1990s, the number of young people that commit suicide has been increasing every year. While no one can explain exactly why, many experts say adolescents and teens today probably face more pressures at home or school, worry about financial issues...

How Ketamine Acts on Your Brain Waves

There has been some interesting work in the past few years that actually help explain how the healing effects of ketamine work in the brainThese studies have included measuring actual brain activity in the forms of different waves in the brain. Brainwave activity on...

Covid 19 Recovery: What You Need to Know About IV Nutritional Therapy

In light of the Covid 19 pandemic, a lot of people are looking for ways to speed up their recovery. One potential treatment option that is gaining in popularity is IV nutritional therapy. This type of therapy involves receiving nutrients and minerals directly into...

Integrative Medicine for Thyroid: The Importance of Selenium in Thyroid Function

This particular blog is an important one to myself as I recently discovered that my specialized lab testing showed I was deficient in a few important vitamins, minerals and elements— selenium included. Now, I have thyroid disease, so this finding really stuck out to...

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