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Discover How Ketamine Can Help You

Over the past few years, ketamine infusion therapy has had a huge impact on the way we approach and treat various mental health conditions such as anxiety, depressioin, OCD, PTSD, and more. 

Unlike traditional treatments and medications like SSRI’s, ketamine can provide fast and efficient relief without all of the unwanted side effects that come with many of the other medications on the market today.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to and read some of the amazing testimonials we have recieved from our clients recently.

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ShaMynds is a kind and professional place. Every member of the staff is great and makes you feel welcome. Dr. Ahmad is incredible. I have never had a doctor who really took the time to listen. Her suggested healing journey has been wonderful. I have learned so much. I cannot… Read More
Ryan M. Avatar
Ryan M.
My journey to healing at SHAMYNDS was met with grace and compassion from the first time I called. Every staff member took the time to answer all my questions and always have time for me. The entire process was easy to understand and very reassuring. I can’t recommend Ketamine… Read More
Carolyn G. Avatar
Carolyn G.
ShaMynds has brought a focus of calmness and wellbeing to my life. It’s not just about the ketamine therapy, which has been very beneficial to me, but also about the way the staff cares about me. When I walk in the door I immediately feel happy and supported, never rushed…. Read More
maura Avatar
I highly recommend ShaMynds for people who are not satisfied with their experience of life and are willing to work to change it. It’s been a year since ShaMynds assisted me with their MetaMynd package. There has been an almost complete reduction in pain from osteoarthritis in my hands… Read More
Jen M. Avatar
Jen M.
I absolutely love everything about ShaMyds! The ambiance is sublime, being supportive of healing and growing. The staff are kind, gentle and professional. I am so looking forward to my treatments. However, the Psychedelic Integration Art Circle was a totally thrilling. To be in the company of lovely staff… Read More
Robyn E. Avatar
Robyn E.
Amazing group of people.
Cole E. Avatar
Cole E.
ShaMynds has brought a focus of calmness and wellbeing to my life. It’s not just about the ketamine therapy, which has been very beneficial to me, but also about the way the staff cares about me. When I walk in the door I immediately feel happy and supported, never rushed…. Read More
fkjbgha;iosdfhgiahrgo;heroge g. Avatar
fkjbgha;iosdfhgiahrgo;heroge g.
ShaMynds healing center is amazing, and is actively saving my life. I suffer from sever treatment resistant depression, and so far the treatments from ShaMynds have been the only thing to make an impact on my depression. The doctors, practitioners, and staff are wonderful people who really want to… Read More
Felicia J. Avatar
Felicia J.
Received therapy for my depression/anxiety at this clinic and had extremely positive and comfortable experience. The providers take their time to listen to you carefully. I had blood work done that no other doctors in the past have considered checking. The ketamine therapy itself is very transformative and helped me… Read More
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Lauren G. Avatar
Lauren G.
Treatment and care at ShaMynds is not a clinical nor cold experience- quite the contrary! I feel so very cared for and supported during one of the hardest years of my life. This team collaborates to put my healing before anything else- and I am forever grateful. I honestly have… Read More
Jen O. Avatar
Jen O.
The most amazing place and experience yet!! I highly recommend!! While everyone’s experience will be different and completely their own, you will leave feeling and becoming a new and better version of yourself…that’s if you are intentional with the process and you actually want it. This is not a one… Read More
Aleisha B. Avatar
Aleisha B.
I came to ShaMynds with severe depression, anxiety & PTSD. I had tried many meds & lots of other therapy’s that helped, but only took me so far. I was simmering in misery & believed that’s where I belonged. Ketamine helped me get my life back. This center is amazing… Read More
Sara P. Avatar
Sara P.
For the first time in a long time I feel balanced and at home within my body and mind. Shamynds has been instrumental in treating my resistant depression, anxiety, trauma response and various physical maladies. I felt super comfortable being vulnerable here and could trust that I had all… Read More
Terra K. Avatar
Terra K.
At ShaMynds, I felt incredibly safe to finally explore my trauma with an open mind. Each member of the staff was so kind and caring. The environment is incredibly calming and I felt so relieved after each session. I’ve never received such a fast-acting treatment that improved my quality of… Read More
Alexis S. Avatar
Alexis S.
Professional and personable a feeling of peace from the first step through their doors. Once inside the quiet greeting and atmosphere sets the tone for a quiet and relaxing place to connect beyond your own comprehension. The Doctors are knowledgeable and they explain clearly what to expect. The team at… Read More
Jeffrey G. Avatar
Jeffrey G.
I highly recommend ShaMynds to anyone serious about their health. For those who have tried everything & are frustrated, maybe at the end of hope, schedule a consult & explore the services they offer. My experience was effective & beyond what I expected. I’m continuing to grow & learn from… Read More
Corry M. Avatar
Corry M.
I was nervous and a bit scared when I arrived for my first appointment. The team at ShaMynds was so calm, caring, and supportive throughout my experience that I was able to relax and take in the benefits of the session and medicine. Kati’s detailed instruction about how… Read More
Cynthia B. Avatar
Cynthia B.
SO GRATEFUL! I’d like to share a thank you note I sent to Dr. Ahmad after receiving treatment for depression and ptsd. If you are struggling, please consider ketamine therapy as a way to feel better. Like SO MUCH BETTER! Dear Dr. Ahmad, Thank you. Thank you. Thank… Read More
Leslie G. Avatar
Leslie G.
I am so grateful to have found Shamynds. After researching several other clinics in the region, I felt confident with my decision and it was validated as soon as I began my Ketamine therapy process. I’ve suffered from intense anxiety and depression as long as I can remember and I’ve… Read More
Brenna G. Avatar
Brenna G.
As someone who has long struggled with depression, anxiety, and mild obsessive compulsive disorder, I am keenly aware of how debilitating these conditions can be and how they affect a person’s quality of life. Likewise, as a healthcare provider myself, I am also well aware of how difficult it can… Read More
Braden O. Avatar
Braden O.
A profound, thoroughly life changing experience. The environment, the empathetic, skilled and compassionate staff, the administration and effects of the Ketamine, all greatly exceeded expectations of service and healing. Cannot recommend highly enough to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.
Laura W. Avatar
Laura W.
I came here a few months ago and did their 6 individual session package. You can feel the sense of peace the moment you step inside. It doest feel or look like a “clinic”. It feels more like a holistic meditation space. All of the staff (which are all… Read More
Nat L. Avatar
Nat L.
The IV Ketamine Therapy at Shamynds is absolutely incredible! Life changing really. During the 3 weeks of treatments I honestly feel like I’ve gained a years worth of therapy. The entire staff truly cares about each patient. I feel warmly welcomed every time I visit. … Read More
Ryan M. Avatar
Ryan M.
ShaMynds knows what they’re doing at the holistic level of wellness. They are kind and very friendly and are capable of sitting with you through your journey of wellness and recovery.
Derrick N. Avatar
Derrick N.
My experience at Shamynds was excellent. Every person that works at Shamynds is competent, kind and caring. I would highly recommend Shamynds to anyone that is struggling with depression or PTSD. Five Stars!
Jenny T. Avatar
Jenny T.
My first experience with Ketamine Therapy. So glad Sacramento Floats hosted them. I was comfortable with the kind and thoughtful Sacramento Floats Staff and enjoyed the ShaMynds services. I am past awareness and now have taken action.
Tina Z. Avatar
Tina Z.
I had such a great experience here! I greatly enjoyed the IV therapy. The environment was relaxing and beautiful. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and truly seemed to care : )
Alexandra G. Avatar
Alexandra G.
The staff are thoughtful, warm, and committed to creating a safe and comfortable space to explore/learn/grow. They take the time to learn about you and your specific needs/history.
Cassidee S. Avatar
Cassidee S.
I have trusted you ladies with the edge of my existence and you ladies came through!
Brian W. Avatar
Brian W.
The team at ShaMynds has created such a peaceful, calming space. I felt relaxed just being in their waiting room! They care deeply about ensuring that people are supported throughout the process, and they rely on science and research to help their clients work toward healing and relief. As a… Read More
Ivy G. Avatar
Ivy G.
I highly recommend ShaMynds for people who are not satisfied with their experience of life and are willing to work to change it.
Jen M. Avatar
Jen M.
Our child had a wonderful experience meeting and interacting with Dr. Amad. I couldn’t express enough how effective she is with our child. I highly recommend Shamynds’ services to anyone seeking therapy.
Paul B. Avatar
Paul B.
Highly, highly recommended. ShaMynds provides the space and support to do some real healing by combining decades of medical knowledge and experience with cutting-edge treatment options wrapped in a whole-person based allowing, compassionate, and attentive environment. They support their clients with both individualized and integrative group settings for maximum growth,… Read More
Michelle M. Avatar
Michelle M.
I continue to put my hopes of drastically improved mental health in this facility. It has been a rough road so far, but what a blessing the staff has been.
pete b. Avatar
pete b.
I am truly impressed with ShaMynds, in fact, I would go so far as to say it is a true gift to the Sacramento community. The staff are professional, warm and also personal in the most appropriate way. You can really feel that people there are committed to… Read More
Melissa G. Avatar
Melissa G.
A very amazing setting to be in. The facilitators and guides are extremely tender and nurturing.. it’s all about set and setting and doing this in a place and with people to feel safe in… this is the place! The price point is higher but every dollar is worth… Read More
F Z. Avatar
F Z.
Just walking in the ShaMynds Healing Center you can feel a sense of peace and calming. I often found myself staying after my appointments to finish reading an article or book because the space is so inviting.
The staff is wonderful, both helpful and caring in their words and actions….
Read More
Tanya B. Avatar
Tanya B.
Broke is the only way I know to explain how I felt walk in. I left with hope and a true feel that all cared for me as a patient and better yet as a feeling person. Thank you!
Michelle G. Avatar
Michelle G.
I can’t say enough praise about Shamynds. As soon as I saw them on the news I knew immediately that is where I needed to go. I walked in amd instantly felt welcome. The treatment plan we came up with for me has been the most amazing experience… Read More
Jennifer M. Avatar
Jennifer M.
Love this space! Everyone is so professional and the doctors are amazing! Its beautifully designed and so well curated, that you feel a sense of bliss when you walk into the space. Highly recommend ShaMynds!
Zoya K. Avatar
Zoya K.
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