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ShaMynds Patient Therapist Policy

To best serve our patients, we have a policy concerning outside professionals (therapists, social workers, psychiatrists) who wish to accompany their patients during their ketamine experiences. Given the sensitivity of the patient’s state during the treatment and the absence of psychedelic training in most professional training programs, we require our professional colleagues to seek training in educational content before proceeding with patients scheduling ketamine-assisted therapy sessions at our center.

We recognize that this does impose a financial and time requirement upon you. However, we believe that the structured training opportunities below will offer you a deeper understanding of working with non-ordinary states of consciousness- with ketamine in particular. We strongly recommend and require attendance at the following resource below-

FREE— 90 minutes American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists and Practitioners, “ What You Need to Know About Ketamine as a Therapist,”

Once you experience a few sessions with your clients at our center, we believe you will be even more excited to learn more about how you can develop your learning and skillset further in this exciting new and emerging field. The following are more training that you can review you are now more excited and intrigued about the possibilities of psychedelic therapy for your clients.

Polaris Insight Center – Module 1 – Introduction to Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

One-day time investment, approximately $350.00

Fluence – Understanding Ketamine

Two-day time investment, approximately $525.00

Psychedelic Research and Training Institute

Four-day time investment, approximately $3500.00 (depending on profession). Experiential component.

The following training programs are much more in-depth and appropriate for any provider who wants to gain expertise in working with patients in the ketamine space. Several of these programs also include other traditional psychedelics:

Integrative Psychiatry Institute

 Year-long time investment, approximately $10,000.00. Experiential component

Fluence – Postgraduate Certificate in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Year-long time investment, approximately $10,000.00.

California Institute of Integrated Studies – Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Research.

Nine-month time investment, approximately $10,000.00.

We at ShaMynds are passionate about providing evidence-based, compassionate, and trauma-informed care for our patients. We hope that you support this endeavor. Let us know if you have questions/concerns/ideas.

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